Welcome to Offshore Logistics Asia Pacific

Offshore Logistics Asia Pacific (OLAP) was incorporated in Singapore in 1997. It has grown steadily and established itself as an efficient and reliable supplier of personnel and equipment in the Asia Pacific offshore marine and engineering supplies industry.

As a believer of exploitation of specialization, OLAP has consistently shown that teams of better-paid specialists outperform generalists. The company’s experienced team arranges for the supply of highly skilled craftsmen and equipment for those in the marine industry. The company’s experienced naval architects, project foremen, and managers are always ready to ensure that the best teams are assembled to serve customers. This winning strategy has enabled the company to keep its clients’ fixed labor charges low while ensuring deployment of only the best-experienced specialists.

OLAP also aims to be the industry leader in the supply of diving and offshore construction equipment. It maintains a wide range of equipment that can be effectively deployed on-site professionally within a short time. The company also provides repairs and maintenance as well as storage services. The company has been appointed as the regional representative and sole agent for some renowned products and services.

OLAP’s latest facility is strategically located within the Loyang Industrial Park in Singapore with convenient access to the Loyang Offshore Supply Base that serves as the premier marine hub in Singapore and caters primarily to the oil and gas offshore marine industry. Offering competitive rates and charges, visiting clients and companies can look forward to making use of OLAP’s professional services and facilities to ensure smooth operations.

Dino Pereira
CEO & President