Contract date Customer Name Description of Job
2007 C MAR Supply of Cable Tensioners / Technicians & marine crew manpower supply
2007 EPIC Diving Inc
(Gulf Of Mexico)
Supply of Offshore diving crew, plus technical , support for saturation diving system upgrade onboard DSV Texas Horizon
2007 Canyon Offshore Int’l Corp.
Supply Labour & Material for Steel Fabrication & installation of raised platform on MSV , Mobilisation of equipment onboard  vessel , Sea Fasterning & Steel material supply ,Labour & additional material Supply, Rental of Equipment
2007 Gulmar Offshore  Middle East L.L.C.
(United Arab Emirates)
Supply of Twin Lock Decompression Chamber,C/W Medical Lock,Divers Umbilicals,High Pressure Air Compresors
2007 Helix Energy Solutions Group Operating Personnel services at Oman (Lighthouse), Fabrication of Hub-reel Dive Systems x 2
2007 Mermaid Offshore Service Ltd Rental of Equipment
2007 Prominent Energy Sdn Bhd Design ,Fabricate, assemble, install, test and, commission a portable modular saturation,diving system