Contract date Customer Name Description of Job

Canyon Offshore

Demobilization for Onboard Vessel : Nor Captain


Rotech Subsea

Services rendered, Services rendered to assist in the offloading of equipments, Services rendered to assist in Scanmudring Diver Dredge Refurbishment, Refurbishment of T8000 spread & stock cheking
2012 Sapura REM Clough Rental of Umbilical Rack, HPU, Grinder, Impact Wrench
2012 All Sea Offshore Rental of Equipments & Outright Sale, Mobilization onboard vessel: Crest Odyssey
2012 Integrated Subsea Outright Sale – Bell Excursion Umbilical
2012 Reef Subsea – Rotech Services rendered to assist in Scanmudring Diver Dredge Refurbishment
2012 EGS Survey Mob & Demob onboard vessel: EGS Surveyor
2012 Altus Logistics Rental of Enerpac Hydraulic Pump
2012 Well Ops Offloading & shifting  of Well Ops equipments for storage